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  1. I've reviewed your Multi Game Keno app a couple times before so you probably know my name. I'm requesting another change. With Auto Start active, winnings are added to Credits after each game and then the next Keno game is started. If the winnings are more than 100 credits, the app increments the Credits display slowly (one credit at a time?) so that the player has time to see the winning numbers before the next game starts. But when the winnings are less than 100 credits, the app simply adds the winnings to the Credits in one swell swoop - which results in starting the next Keno game almost immediately and doesn't give the player enough time to see which numbers hit before the next game starts. I would like to either see winnings of less than 100 added slowly just like winnings above 100 or a delay added between games so a player can see which numbers hit before the next Keno game starts. Hitting 6 out of 8 spots.wins 98 credits but when that's all of that game's winnings, the credits gets incremented so quickly that I can't see which numbers hit before the next Keno game starts.

    - Rolf Salhus

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